Benefits of a Polished Concrete Floor

27 Oct

If you have recently moved to a new house, found a new office building or simply want to change up your current space, there are so many options when it comes to flooring and sometimes it can be overwhelming. To make this decision easier, we’ve outlined the benefits of the latest trend in flooring, polished concrete.

- No matter the area, the longevity of polished concrete is far greater than regular surfaces like carpet and wood laminate. When properly installed and maintained, your floors should last for years, meaning no huge bills for cleaning and upkeep such as carpet maintenance.

- If you have little ones making spills or a busy office space, polished concrete is durable when it comes to stains and heavy foot traffic. To damage the floor is near impossible. A small scratch or chip will not be obvious and can only add to the aesthetic, so don’t stress with the durability, your floor is strong.

- Comparing cost is often a deciding factor when creating or renovating a space. When looking at other surfaces such as carpet or tiles, concrete floors are very competitive. Depending on which finish you choose and if the concrete needs to be laid will affect the cost, however, it will not change dramatically and is very much an affordable option.

- When considering the upkeep and constant care of your floors, polished concrete will be your favourite! Simply wiping up a stain when evident, sweeping when needed and mopping occasionally to keep the shine intact is all you need for your floors to be looking fresh for years.

- Lighting in a room is very important and this is a feature that your polished floors will enhance extremely well. The smooth and shiny surface will absorb the light and further illuminate any room, adding sophistication and elegance to your space.

- Considering the chemical elements in your home is a major component of creating a new space, and luckily, your concrete polished floors are eco-friendly. Installation is relatively quick and your floors can be completed in under a week. Meaning that if you have new furniture to install or can’t afford to shut your office for renovations for too long, this is a great benefit of the process.

- Polished concrete flooring surprisingly absorbs heat from direct sunlight, stores it and then slowly releases throughout the day. Adding rugs and warm textures to enhance the décor of the room can further soften “the look” and with each season the budget conscious are easily able to renew the look of a room.

If you’re after an easy-clean surface, longevity and a beautifully finished floor with the ability to be styled with ease, polished concrete is your answer.

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