Epoxy Flooring Specialists

14 Sep

Epoxy floor coating

Does your factory, warehouse or garage need the ultimate in spill and stain protection? An epoxy coating floor treatment can help to repel the absorption of oils and many other chemicals.

Correctly applied by the team at Grind IT, epoxy coatings create a hard-wearing and long lasting barrier for industrial spaces

Choosing an experienced Gold Coast epoxy specialist ensures best-practice floor preparation and application for the longest lasting results.


Perfect for a garage floor: epoxy

With garage floors coming into contact with oil, grease, water and rubber, it needs to stand up to the harshest treatment. Reduce the chance of concrete staining and tyre marks with a garage floor epoxy coating.

Suitable for commercial and residential garages, and almost any spaces that have a concrete substrate, epoxy flooring can be colourised to match your decor and looks right at home as vehicle showroom flooring.


Epoxy flooring: a fresh new look

Choosing to treat your concrete floors with an epoxy coating can bring a fresh look to a worn-out industrial space.

Ask us about specalisvcolour options, as well as hardwearing line marking to improve safety in your building.

Non-slip epoxy resin and polymer sealers are available in a variety of textures, shapes and colours to guarantee durability, safety and a look you’ll love.


Epoxy coating for industrial floors

Industrial epoxy floor coatings are well known for their excellent chemical resistance properties. They’re capable of withstanding spills from oils, detergents, and other contaminants.

An epoxy floor is hygienic, hard wearing, and behaves exceptionally well with line-marking paints.

Technological advances now mean that epoxy flooring is suitable for veterinary clinics, medical centres, kitchen floors, schools and laboratories. All benefit from the use of an epoxy coating as it will not harbour bacteria and it is easy to clean.

An epoxy floor coating is ideal for surfaces that take rough treatment, because epoxy floor coatings bond exceptionally well to concrete floors of all types.

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