Why Polished Concrete is the Must-Have for Modern Homes

25 Oct

While conventionally celebrated for being a warehouse flooring solution, the merits of polished concrete flooring has become celebrated in the design world. The use of polished concrete flooring receives diverse reactions from people. Some folks think it gives a factory or prison-like feel at home. Others find it aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and beneficial to their daily lives.

Simple To Create

Polish the surface of the concrete slab (the foundation of the house) and you have no need to use new materials. Sand, polish, and seal the concrete until it looks elegant and perfect for your habitable space.

Easy Cleaning

Concrete is not as vulnerable to damage as solid timber, laminates, and natural stone flooring. You only need soap and water to clean concrete floors. Dust mop the floor every day using a microfiber pad to keep dirt, dust, and allergens off the floor.

Tailored Finish

Polished concrete flooring is fit for homeowners who want their spaces to be unique. It’s a versatile material to work with. For example, polish the concrete until it’s as smooth as marble or granite. The process will result in a floor with a brilliant and mirror-like finish. It’s a great alternative if you can’t afford expensive tiles. Best part? You don’t need a high-gloss coating to achieve this look.

Our technicians have application techniques which give the floor some texture and depth. They can etch it to make it look like a tile, stamp it to make it look like wood or natural stone, or give it an elegant, faux marble effect finish.

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